There are two very precious commodities we humans seem to have lost out on especially in recent times; they are time and sleep. While both are important of course, the latter has become more of a critical issue, especially because a majority of the world’s population is suffering the consequences of reduced sleep over time. Aside from all the physical implications it brings, it also affects your mental health. It is also just an important to teach children the importance of healthy sleeping habits, though we ourselves may need a refresher on the same. Here are a few useful tips.

Follow a Routine

One of the primary reasons we are having such a hard time with this, is because we have fallen out of routine. We are going against our body clocks, and naturally our body clocks are confused at this new state of affairs. There is a time to wake and time to sleep, and depriving our body of that sleep time can be detrimental to health. Avoid this by falling back into routine. That is what we did as kids, and that is why we felt so energized the next day. Yes, adulating is important, but so is sleep. Start hitting the sack at the same time every day; you will soon get used to it.

Watch What You Eat

Especially before bed. You can consume whatever you want during the day, but be mindful before bed. Strictly no caffeine, and try to have your dinner around 7pm every night. It might be too early for your liking, but you will get used to it if you try. Though investing in the best mattress can be helpful in the quest for uninterrupted sleep, if you do not eat right, you will be tossing and turning on your new mattress for hours on end. In which case the point is totally lost. Start from the inside always.

Set the Environment

A room that is untidy, messy and full of clutter is not an environment that is conducive to sleep, so it is essential that you set the environment before anything else. Your body does not immediately get to sleep generally unless it is extremely tired. It follows a pattern, and a neat, clean room helps it stick to this pattern better. If you want, you can even add some soothing music so you can set the tone as well. Some people who have a lot of trouble sleeping opt for this as they find it works wonders.

Change Your Bed

Though most people are often eager to change their setup including curtains and the décor, few bother to change their bedding. While mattresses can typically last anywhere between 10-15 years, (a good one that is), many use them even beyond this time. Which is when they begin deteriorating, causing health issues physically all round. Additionally, they also contract dust, dust mites and bed bugs, again incredibly unhealthy. Make it a point to check on your mattress regularly, so you can identify any shortcomings as early as possible as tend to them.

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