There are quite a number of things that you would see in a builder’s yard, such as excavators and bulldozers. However, there are a number of things that you would not see, unless you are a builder yourself. Although not really given the spotlight, these small handheld tools are what create precision buildings and structures for people to inhabit and work. Moreover, it is these little tools that make way for solid structures that could withstand the rigours of time, without much maintenance.


Especially used in woodwork, the hacksaw is something that can easily be seen in a carpenters shop, but not in a builder’s site. This is because most woodwork is done in the site itself, which is out of the eye of the public, thus making many to speculate if the woodwork is generally outsourced. However, that really is not the case, as most woodwork is created in house by the carpenter, so as to make sure the woodwork fits perfectly for the construction that is undergoing in the area. These are, however, quite dangerous to wield, since they are sharp and could result in fatal injuries if mishandled, thus the reason as to why only qualified and licensed carpenters are allowed to handle it.

Cement Mixers

When everyone thinks of cement mixers, everyone thinks of the big vehicle that we see near the construction site. In this instance, it is not the vehicle but the little machine. This machine looks like a miniature version of the drum that the vehicle has, and is much more convenient, especially if undertaking specialist jobs that do not take much material. Within a construction site, you might see only a few of them too, since these are used only for certain instances, and not for the entire construction.


This is often used for the interior of the construction that requires bolts and rivets, so as to make sure panels stay where they are supposed to. These are generally electrically powered with a precision drill shaped like a gun for ease of use. This enables the builder to drill a hole in a precise manner that would enable him/her bolt the fitting easily without much trouble, thus making the panel all the more secure and safe for time to come.

This may be one of the more odd looking machines, as many who see a rebar bender is clueless as to what it is used for. However, these are necessary machines in a builder’s yard, as these machines bend rebar, which acts as reinforcements for pillars that support the structure’s weight. In other words, it is these machines that indirectly help to reinforce the structure to make sure it is rigid and safe for works and habitation.

If you do pass by a construction site and see big machines, do remember that there are a lot more tools and machines doing the more precise work, in order to get the construction perfect.

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