Are you thinking of enjoying a quiet and intimate wedding ceremony? Then perhaps, you are thinking of an elopement theme undoubtedly. A lot of the couples getting married today, choose this theme of wedding because it is much more intimate and private and it also helps cut down on the cost involved for many couples who may otherwise find themselves at the deep end with finances. However planning for this will also need to be done carefully so that you can actually enjoy what you have in mind. Here are some ways in which you can plan for your elopement wedding.

Where Will You Be Having The Ceremony?

One of the things that you should decide upon first would be where the ceremony will be. There are couples flying to Maldives, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Spain and many such exotic locations to hold their ceremonies in private. Usually the location is one that can be affordable and can add a glamour of exotic island vibe to your wedding as well. You can also opt to get married in the traditions of the country that you are in, but if you choose to do this, make sure that you also follow the rules and validate your marriage with a legal certificate and also do it according to the legal requirements of where the both of you will be living.

What about the Photography?

Now in an elopement wedding, you and your partner will pretty much be the only two people involved and nobody else will be around. This makes it all the more important that you invest in great elopement photography to preserve and capture your special memories as this is what you will have remaining for the rest of your lives. It is also what you will get to share with your families, friends and loved ones. Usually if you are flying to a different country entirely, you may have to look for reliable photographers in that location and start contacting them unless you are willing to arrange for your own choice of photographers from your locality to fly with you, which can be costly.

The Accommodation and Attire

You will need to book your accommodation for the both of you at a place that you both like. This is actually simple enough as you will simply be able to read reviews of various places and then choose a place that is close to the wedding day location.

After the day, if you both want to also want to travel around and enjoy your honeymoon you could always book accommodation in other places for that. The attire would be best bought after fitting on in your own locality perhaps from a person who is known to you as a dress maker or maybe buy it from a bridal shop and carry it with you to your wedding location. This would be easier than trying to find clothing in a country that you are new to and where it may not be readily available within a few days in the size and style that you need.

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