It might be really scary to get your newborn to shower, especially because their head is unsettled and you to need constantly calm them to make sure they don’t get too cranky while having a shower and hold them steadily enough so they don’t slip off. Yeah, it sounds stressful and is a lot of work. So here are a few tips that will make baby bath time much more fun.

Get The Water Temperature Right

Unlike us adults, the water temperature does play a huge role for babies. If it is too hot they are unlikely to enjoy the bath and if it is too cold the might fall sick. So you need to get the right water temperature, your doctor might tell you which one to go for. You should also pay attention to the weather for example if it’s the rainy season then it is likely to be cold so avoid bath time in cold water. Also make sure room temperature is 75°F to 80°F as that is ideal. Also keep all the things you need near the tub such as baby shampoo and body wash. You wouldn’t be able to move around the baby while he/she is halfway having shower as this is extremely dangerous.

Distract And Distract

Some babies love being in the water, in fact they get a lot calmer and are likely to cry when the bath time is over. Whereas others are quite opposite they hate the sight of water and start crying the moment you undress them for bath time. So to calm them you need to distract them as much as possible. Toys are your best friend so get them ready, go for music toys as they are quite effective in distracting the baby. You could even have floating ducks in the bathtub, make sure all of them are sanitized that way the tub water won’t get in germs when you put toys in. (Being a little OCD for your child is fine because it will prevent them from falling sick). To wipe the baby you could get the towel from . This is especially designed for babies who have sensitive skin, they are super soft, absorbent and cute they come in different cute prints which will definitely get the attention of your little baby. The website above gives you step by step guide on how these hooded towels should be used. So makes sure that you check it out, and also stress less because this is the best towel you could use for your little one. It has gone through a lot of tests so it is 100% safe to use.

Lastly, motherhood is all about challenges so no matter how much you try to make bath time comfortable for your child he/she might still get cranky and very difficult to handle in the bath time. So don’t be let down by it. Every child is different so be patient. On certain days you could simply do body sponge till the child gets used to bath time and looks forward to it.

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