Thanks to the advancements in IT and communications, working from home is now an option for us all. But to do so, it is always advisable to have a home office of your own that is both private and distraction free. Here are a few effective tips for creating just that.

Select your Location with Care

If it’s to be distraction free, then you primarily have to focus on the location of your home office. This is especially true if you happen to have kids or pets at home. Ideally, you should select a room that is separate from the rest of your home. However, we understand that this is not an option for everyone and that some may even be more comfortable working while keeping an eye on their children. In this case, and if you’re comfortable working with headphones on, then even nooks of your home (like the space under your staircase) can work as a good location for your home office.

Make Sure it’s well Lit

A poorly lit work space can not only distract you, but it can also disrupt your flow of thought thanks to how strained your eyes are. Choosing a room that gets plenty of natural light is your best bet, but even without natural lighting, you can use wall lights, desk lights and ceiling lights to enlighten your space for efficient working. Most interior designers also choose industrial pendant lights for home offices, as they are stylish and efficient at the same time.

Avoid Wall Decor and opt for Wallpaper

If you are someone who is easily distracted, then even a plain wall in front of you can distract your attention from your work. In this case, it’s always best if you can avoid putting up wall decor that will divert your attention. If it’s an absolute must, try to keep only the minimal decoration on your walls. If not, omit the wall decor and opt for wallpapers instead. Once more, choose a wallpaper design that isn’t too bright, busy or distracting. 

Consider Simple, Clean and Elegant Office Furniture

The furniture you choose for your office goes a long way in creating a distraction-free zone for your work. Too small a desk, and you’ll often find yourself having to shift things around or catch things from spilling to the floor if your desk gets overcrowded. Too uncomfortable a chair and you’ll find yourself walking around or in pain; unable to concentrate on your work. While it’s true that you need plenty of storage options (especially if you need to store files and records in its physical form as well), try to keep your desk’s design simple, clean and elegant.

Make Sure you have Everything you Need Right there

Working from home means constantly having to battle distractions, especially when you have to leave the safe haven of your work space. By eliminating the need to go out of the office room during your “work hours”, you are effectively saving yourself from those distractions. Making sure you have everything you need, from stationaries to a fresh pot of coffee, before you start is an excellent solution for this.

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