Do you feel like it’s time you popped the question? That’s great news! But there’s far more to proposing that picking out a romantic spot and getting down on one knee. Chances are, she’s been thinking about this moment for a long time so you’ve to live up to those expectations  at least somewhat. Here are some of the things you should avoid if you want to make this day special for your loved one.

Zero Effort

Like we said, proposals are about far more than just popping the question. It’s not something you just casually ask while watching a movie on the couch. Perhaps you’re not one for elaborate displays of affection but it wouldn’t hurt to pull out a few stops because it’s not like moments such as these will come along often.

Too Much Effort

Yes, such a thing does exist. This is when you get caught up in the world of YouTube, filled with videos of flashmobs, celebrities, and other elaborate gestures so much so that you forget to stop and ask yourself if your partner would really appreciate things like this or would instead prefer a simple and sentimental proposal. 

Public Displays

We’ve all seen videos of those guys who propose at stadiums. You should only be that guy if your girlfriend loves public displays. Else, if she’s an introvert, she’s going to be embarrassed and mortified that you put her on the spot. And all in all, this might have the proposal end in an unexpected way or some part of her might always resent that you didn’t know her well enough to propose in a quiet setting.

Bad Timing

We know you’ve been planning this for ages but doing it at a bad time won’t make the moment any more memorable. If your partner is down with the flu or overloaded at work, the proposal definitely should be put on hold until she’s is in a better mental state.

No Photographer

We cannot emphasize how much of a poor move this is. A wedding is staged but you get only one chance to capture the utmost joy and surprise on your partner’s face when you pop the question. Don’t let it fade away in your memory, hire an amazing proposal photographer in NYC to capture the whole thing! These guys are good at their job and know how to blend in so they won’t be spotted or won’t give away the surprise.

Hiding The Ring

There are so many things that could go wrong with this step that we have to ask- why risk it? By hiding the ring in a food or drink, you have to assume that your partner finishes the meal all the way down to the last sip to find the ring. You also have to pray to the Lord above that your partner doesn’t get too excited at seeing her favorite foods that she doesn’t swallow the ring whole. Driving to the ER doesn’t really make for a romantic night.

These are the most common mistakes you’ll want to avoid for a no-regrets proposal!

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